Create beautiful maps in Tableau for free In a Minute


Mapbox service provides APIs, SDKs, and live-updating map data give developers tools to build better mapping, navigation and search experiences across platforms.

Step 1: You require a account which is free

Step 2: Create your token (its very easy)

Step 3: Go to this link Mapbox Studio styles page

Step 4: Next click on New Style > Select anyone you want > Then click on customize

Step 5: Then edit view is open If you want any modification then you can do that

Step 6: Click on the Share button at The right top corner

Step 7: Select Third Party > then at dropdown Select Tableau

Then copy your integration URL

Open your Tableau Desktop

Take latitude and longitude on row-column

Step 8: Map > Background Maps > Manage Maps

Click at Add maps > Mapbox Maps

Step 9: New window open

Enter Name you want

Paste your integration URL at the URL section

Everything else is handled by Tableau he automatically fetches the information

Click Ok



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